Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Der aktu­el­le Report (lei­der nur in eng­lisch) wid­met sich fol­gen­den Fragen :

  • Die 10 wich­tigs­ten Fra­gen : The top 10 social media ques­ti­ons mar­ke­ters want ans­we­red : We ana­ly­zed near­ly 700 open-ended respon­ses and sum­ma­ri­zed all the major ques­ti­ons that mar­ke­ting pros want answered.
  • Zeit­auf­wand : The time com­mit­ment : We exami­ned the wee­kly hours mar­ke­ters invest in their social media efforts. This ana­ly­sis will be hel­pful for mar­ke­ters just get­ting started.
  • Vor­tei­le im Social Media Mar­ke­ting : The bene­fits of social media mar­ke­ting : This rather beefy sec­tion reve­als all the major advan­ta­ges mar­ke­ters are achie­ving with their social media efforts. We also loo­ked at how time inves­ted and expe­ri­ence enhan­ces the achie­ved benefits.
  • Typi­sche Werk­zeu­ge : Com­mon­ly used social media tools : Won­de­ring which social media tools mar­ke­ters are using the most ? Tho­se ques­ti­ons are ans­we­red, along with an exami­na­ti­on of what the most expe­ri­en­ced folks are using.
  • Die neu­es­ten und inter­es­san­tes­ten Werk­zeu­ge : Social media tools peop­le want to learn more about : In this sec­tion, we exami­ne the up-and-com­ing tools that mar­ke­ters are most inte­res­ted in lear­ning about.
  • Wei­te­re Ana­ly­sen : Other ana­ly­sis : We also ana­ly­zed how age, gen­der, expe­ri­ence, busi­ness type and wee­kly time com­mit­ments impact all of the abo­ve findings.

Die wich­tigs­ten Ergeb­nis­se sind :

  • Die drei wich­tigs­ten Fra­gen : Top three ques­ti­ons mar­ke­ters want ans­we­red : (1) What are the best tac­tics to use, (2) how to do I mea­su­re the effec­ti­ve­ness of social media and (3) whe­re do I start ?
  • All­seits beliebt, aber erst seit kur­zer Zeit im Ein­satz : Mar­ke­ters are most­ly new to social media : A signi­fi­cant 88% of mar­ke­ters sur­vey­ed are using social media to mar­ket their busi­nes­ses, BUT 72% have only been doing so for a few mon­ths or less.
  • Zeit­auf­wand zwi­schen 5 und 10 Stun­den : How much time does this take ? A signi­fi­cant 64% of mar­ke­ters are using social media for 5 hours or more each week and 39% for 10 or more hours weekly.
  • Vor­tei­le sind Öffent­lich­keit, Zugrif­fe und neue Part­ner : The top bene­fit of social media mar­ke­ting : The num­ber-one advan­ta­ge is genera­ting expo­sure for the busi­ness, indi­ca­ted 81% of all mar­ke­ters, fol­lo­wed by incre­a­sing traf­fic and buil­ding new busi­ness partnerships.
  • Top- Tools sind Twit­ter, Blogs, Lin­kedIn und Face­book : The top social media tools : Twit­ter, blogs, Lin­kedIn and Face­book were the top four social media tools used by mar­ke­ters, in that order.
  • Upco­m­ing : social book­mar­king und Twit­ter : Social media tools mar­ke­ters most want to learn about : Social book­mar­king sites were ran­ked of hig­hest inte­rest, fol­lo­wed clo­se­ly by Twitter.

Der Report (ca. 6MB, vor allem vie­le, vie­le Charts) kann hier gela­den wer­den. Und hier gibt es eine kur­ze Ein­füh­rung.

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