Modernes Marketing – GfM World, März, Berlin

Vorgemerkt: Die GfM World glänzt in diesem Jahr (12+13. März) mit einem aufregenden Programm und Hochkarätern auf dem Podium. Themen:

– Panel: Advertising & Games
Virtual Bills: In-Game Advertising, e-Game Marketing, Product Placement
– Panel: Media & Games
Print and TV: Media invest in the booming games market – status quo and forecast
– Politics Panel
Media education & political stances concerning the e-game market
– Panel: Social Advertising
Superstitial advertising, „open social“ and „social advertising“
– Panel: Ditital Entertainment
Consoles are becoming mulitmedia centers for the living room and the IPTV -Trend- Communication

Ich werde das Panel „social advertising“ moderieren und bin gespannt auf: Facebook U.S. / Google Youtube / MySpace, Jean-Paul Sanchez, Director New Business & Mobile Entertainment / Interone Worldwide GmbH, Martin Hubert, CEO
/ Procter & Gamble CH, Bernhard Glock, Media Director

Inhalt des Panels:„If I tell my grandmother that I'm doing Social Shopping she thinks I am doing social work.“ The widely used term „social“ has recently got a new meaning in the web and now also comprises certain aspects of advertising. Traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo! match adverts with keywords, while platforms like MySpace and Facebook can go one step further and match adverts with human beings and their relationships.
Are those the two pillars on which marketing is based in the future? Information on strategies, business models and coverage of the most important communities. Perspectives for the next few years.

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