Modernes Marketing — GfM World, März, Berlin

Vor­ge­merkt : Die GfM World glänzt in die­sem Jahr (12+13. März) mit einem auf­re­gen­den Pro­gramm und Hoch­ka­rä­tern auf dem Podi­um. Themen : 

- Panel : Adver­ti­sing & Games
Vir­tu­al Bills : In-Game Adver­ti­sing, e‑Game Mar­ke­ting, Pro­duct Placement 
- Panel : Media & Games
Print and TV : Media invest in the boo­m­ing games mar­ket — sta­tus quo and forecast
- Poli­tics Panel
Media edu­ca­ti­on & poli­ti­cal stan­ces con­cer­ning the e‑game market
- Panel : Social Advertising
Supers­ti­ti­al adver­ti­sing, „open social” and „social advertising”
- Panel : Dit­i­tal Entertainment
Con­so­les are beco­m­ing mulit­me­dia cen­ters for the living room and the IPTV ‑Trend- Communication

Ich wer­de das Panel „social adver­ti­sing” mode­rie­ren und bin gespannt auf : Face­book U.S. /​ Goog­le You­tube /​ MyS­pace, Jean-Paul San­chez, Direc­tor New Busi­ness & Mobi­le Enter­tain­ment /​ Inte­ro­ne World­wi­de GmbH, Mar­tin Hubert, CEO 
/​ Proc­ter & Gam­ble CH, Bern­hard Glock, Media Director 

Inhalt des Panels :„If I tell my grand­mo­ther that I’m doing Social Shop­ping she thinks I am doing social work.” The wide­ly used term „social” has recent­ly got a new mea­ning in the web and now also com­pri­ses cer­tain aspects of adver­ti­sing. Tra­di­tio­nal search engi­nes like Goog­le or Yahoo ! match adverts with key­words, while plat­forms like MyS­pace and Face­book can go one step fur­ther and match adverts with human bein­gs and their relationships.
Are tho­se the two pil­lars on which mar­ke­ting is based in the future ? Infor­ma­ti­on on stra­te­gies, busi­ness models and coverage of the most important com­mu­nities. Per­spec­ti­ves for the next few years.

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