SWOT Analyse von Second Life

Mitch Kapor, Vor­stands­vor­sit­zen­der bei Lin­den Lab, dem Betrei­ber von Second Life, ehe­ma­li­ger Grün­der von Lotus 1 – 2‑3 und „alter Hase” im IT Geschäft, gibt in einem Inter­view eine SWOT (Stär­ken, Schwä­chen, Chan­cen, Risi­ken) Ana­ly­se der vir­tu­el­len Welt.

Stär­ken : … the fact that the com­pa­ny has been able to be suc­cess­ful in crea­ting a lar­ge ish Vir­tu­al World plat­form, and so there’s a lot of peop­le who use it. There’s a real busi­ness the­re, which makes money. We pro­bab­ly under­stand more about how to make one of the­se things go than almost anyo­ne, and it was very much at the cen­ter of this new eco­sys­tem. Schwä­chen : I guess one way of sum­ma­ri­zing it is to say Lin­den has a who­le bunch of first mover advan­ta­ges writ lar­ge. On the other hand… First mover advan­ta­ges are some­ti­mes over­ra­ted. … And some­ti­mes the peop­le who come in second have a much shor­ter lear­ning cur­ve … And so one of the gre­at chal­len­ges for Lin­den is for its first mover advan­ta­ge not to be a liability.
Obvious­ly it would be an under­state­ment to say signi­fi­cant con­ti­nuing chal­len­ges with respect to the cur­rent busi­ness in ever­ything from the sta­bi­li­ty and per­for­mance of the base plat­form to the qua­li­ty of the user expe­ri­ence, … would say that the cur­rent user expe­ri­ence is anything clo­se to what is nee­ded to reach a mass market. 

Chan­cen : But the oppor­tu­nities, and I’ve been on record as having said this befo­re, are just so lar­ge I don’t even know how to put a num­ber on it becau­se I belie­ve that Vir­tu­al Worlds … is going to beco­me as main­stream as the per­so­nal com­pu­ter or the web its­elf over the next genera­ti­on. So call it a hund­red bil­li­on dol­lar mar­ket. So there’s insur­moun­ta­ble opportunities.

Risi­ken : And there’s an enor­mous amount of com­pe­ti­ti­on on every side, abo­ve, below, to the left, to the right in every sec­tor you could ima­gi­ne. So the penal­ty for having vali­da­ted not just a mar­ket seg­ment, but a who­le new para­digm, is that ever­y­bo­dy in the world thinks that you suck and that they can come in and do it bet­ter. So it’s an inten­se­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve environment. 

» Das Inter­view kom­plett auf Met­ano­mics : Tran­script of Mitch Kapor Interview

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