Wikinomics — Wirtschaft 2.0

Don Taps­cott — Wikinomics

Zusam­men­fas­sung der Rede auf der Web 2.0 Expo, Novem­ber 2007 Berlin

Das Web 2.0 ist deut­lich mehr, als ein „Mit­mach-Web für wit­zi­ge Vide­os und Fotos” — eine Bezeich­nung, die irr­tüm­lich und dümm­lich ist. Web 2.0 bedeu­tet eine fun­da­men­ta­le Rich­tungs­än­de­rung im Web und damit auch in den Unter­neh­men, im Mar­ke­ting und der Gesellschaft.
Das Inter­net hat in den letz­ten Jah­ren nicht nur einen bedeu­ten­den Teil der Welt und der Wirt­schaft, son­dern auch sich selbst grund­le­gend ver­än­dert. Vor allem der Wech­sel von hmtl auf XML hat dyna­mi­sche, offe­ne Anwen­dun­gen ermöglicht.

Geschäft 1.0 bedeu­tet „Con­tent”, also Inhal­te und Ideen und deren Ver­mark­tung im klas­si­schen Medi­en­den­ken. „Geschäfts­mo­del­le 1.0” sind mas­siv von „Geschäfts­mo­del­len 2.0” ver­drängt wor­den. Beispiele ?
 — MTV wur­de als Anbie­ter von Musik­vi­de­os von MyS­pace ver­drängt, wo sich Bands, Ihre Musik und Ihre Vide­os sel­ber dar­stel­len und direkt mit Ihren Fans ver­net­zen. Einen Mitt­ler a’la MTV braucht es da nicht mehr.
 — Kod­ak EasyS­ha­re hat­te gegen Flickr kei­ne Chance.
 — (Part­ner­sei­te) wur­de von Face­book geschlagen.
Es geht vor allem um die Denk­wei­se, nicht um die Tech­no­lo­gie. So hat der Besit­zer einer Gold­mi­ne in Web 2.0 Art den Wert sei­nes Unter­neh­mens von 90Mill. US$ auf 10Mrd.US$ gesteigert.

Die Wesens­zü­ge der „neu­en neu­en” Wirtschaft :
1. Peer in 
2. Open ideas
3. Prosumers
4. Sci­ence of Sharing
5. Open Plattforms
6. Glo­bal plant flour

» Don Taps­cott, Video der Rede auf Sevenload

Voll­stän­di­ges Tran­script :- Web 2.0 means the big­gest Chan­ge for Corp. the last centuries
 — „YOU” = Per­son of the year ; Time Magazine
 — Toron­to : 3Mil. Peop­le /​ 800.000 from Toron­to in Facebook
 — social net­wor­king now is social production
(now : rom social con­tent to social transaction)

- the rea­son for ever­ything is the switch form html (Con­tent = Web­sites) -> xml

(com­pu­ta­ti­on of content)
 — web now is a huge glo­bal computer
 — also genera­tio­nal revo­lu­ti­on -> his 11 year old son used the „Hub­ble Tele­scop” via the web.
 — Tech­no­lo­gy like air — it’s just there
 — they use less TV and that different
 — com­ing home : Com­pu­ter all­ways on — rea­ding, orga­ni­zing, com­mu­ni­ca­ting a.s.o. — the­re brains are wired dif­fe­rent then by the genera­ti­on before
 — the 11 year old is an aut­ho­ri­ty!! gui­ding the par­ents to some­thing that chan­ges the world
 — „e‑Mails like yes­ter­days tech­no­lo­gy and a „for­mal tech­no­lo­gy” only good for elder like friends par­ents”; ins­tead : facebook
 — peop­le are mas­siv­ly time-shif­ting from TV ; if you are the CEO of an ad agen­cy thats the sca­riest thing you ever seen
 — stu­dents tea­ching the tea­cher about the web ; the oldest 12 year old
 — with 16 sold a web­site with 20Mill. visi­tors a month
 — next com­pa­ny : — net­works for kids that will chan­ge the world
 — Kod­ak was bea­ten by Flickr (Pho­tos)
 — MTV bea­ten by MyS­pace (Music- Video : Con­tent­pro­vi­der bea­ten by Own Con­tent and Com­mu­ni­ty ; now 45.000 Bands there)
 — bea­ten by Facebook
 — some Blogs are even big­ger then Main­stream Media
 — his son crea­ted a Face­book Com­mu­ni­ty for his book Wikinomics
 — grew very fast… 130 mem­ber in 7 coun­tries with coun­try coor­di­na­tors wit­hin days incl. CIO of the community
 — Kids con­tri­bu­t­ed and found „error”
-> selforganization 
 — eco­no­mic revo­lu­ti­on : fun­da­men­tal chan­ge for the natu­re of cooperations
 — steps : res­sour­ce allo­ca­ti­on — tran­sac­tion cos­ts — cos­ts of search — cos­ts of coor­di­na­ti­on aso are che­a­per wit­hin a cor­po­ra­ti­on then in an open market
 — the exten­ded enter­pri­se — com­pa­nies unbund­led into networks
 — peers not only net­work but pro­du­ce social­ly — real time
 — Peer pro­duc­tion : soft­ware, brow­ser, app­li­ca­ti­ons soft­ware (150.000 apps), mutu­al fund, bank, motorcycle
 — social revo­lu­ti­on and eco­no­mic revo­lu­ti­on : the ear­ly days of a very pro­found change
 — examp­le „Gold Corp.” — Gold mining company
 — trans­for­med Linux & Open Source Model into goldmining
 — Gold Corp Chal­len­ge : for the first time the geo­gra­phic data for gold whe­re published 

open on the web
 — 77 sub­mis­si­on from ever­y­whe­re in the world, used tech­ni­chi­ans he never heard of
 — for 500.000 US$ Pri­ce money he found gold for 3.4 Mrd. US
 — mar­ket value of the com­pa­ny rai­sed from 90 mill. US$ to 10 Mrd.US$

- Princi­ples of Wikinomics
 — 1. peer in (ever­yo­ne can be a peer — examp­le gold­mi­ning : che­mists, com­pu­ter 3d design …)
 — „we is smar­ter then me” — book writ­ten by 1000 peop­le with a wiki
 — estab­lish trust via online
 — 2. ide­as (?) (around 36min)
 — open mar­kets for ide­as and innovation
 — half of P&G inno­va­tions comes from out­side the com­pa­ny end 2007
 — 3. Prosumers
 — tur­ning cus­to­mer into a producer
 — second life
 — desi­gner build a 30 year old ava­tar — he is around 60 — for the 18 year old 30 was very old…
 — 2008 will be the year when the record indus­try collapses
 — grey album (mix of the Beat­les white and the JayZ black album — both albums were sold much more but the mixer was put in jail)
 — „Dori­tos” cus­to­mer pro­du­ced ads for the SuperBowl
 — T‑Shirts
 — 4. Sci­ence of Sharing
 — Kil­ler­App for Wiki­no­mics : may­be Saving the planet
 — 5. Open Plattforms
 — Ama­zon API ope­ned  — tons of pro­gramm­ers star­ted to work with it
 — BBC — co-crea­te the BBC
 — 6. the glo­bal plant flour (around 38min30sec)
 — sup­pliers for Boing beca­me Peers
 — best air­craft ever made — while Air­bus in trouble
 — BMW the same, co-crea­ti­on of ingeneurs
 — be pre­pa­red for the 1000€ Open Source Car com­ing from China
 — Lea­ders­hip is a per­so­nal oppor­tu­ni­ty for ever­y­bo­dy if he wished
 — the model for the web has chan­ged as the model for enter­pri­ses too
 — Time has come for web 2.0 and pro­found chan­ges in the natu­re of the corporation

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