Strategie für Soziale Kampagnen

Forrester hat den „POST“ Ansatz entwickelt, um Maßnahmen im sozialen Web strategisch sinnvoll anzugehen. Das Schöne daran:

„It's time to stop doing social because it's cool. It's time to start doing it because it's effective.“

Also eine Möglichkeit, nicht zu sagen: Wir wollen ein Weblog! Sondern: „Was wollen wir erreichen?“ Wer fragt der führt…

>> Via PR 2.0: wie eine Strategie für Social Media entstehen sollte
>> Forrester: The POST Method: A systematic approach to social strategy

Das Ganze ist etwas simpel, aber wenn es funktioniert— hier die vier Thesen im englischen Original.P is People. Don't start a social strategy until you know the capabilities of your audience. If you're targeting college students, use social networks. If you're reaching out business travelers, consider ratings and reviews. Forrester has great data to help with this, but you can make some estimates on your own. Just don't start without thinking about it.

O is objectives. Pick one. Are you starting an application to listen to your customers, or to talk with them? To support them, or to energize your best customers to evangelize others? Or are you trying to collaborate with them? Decide on your objective before you decide on a technology. Then figure out how you will measure it.

S is Strategy. Strategy here means figuring out what will be different after you're done. Do you want a closer, two-way relationship with your best customers? Do you want to get people talking about your products? Do you want a permanent focus group for testing product ideas and generating new ones? Imagine you succeed. How will things be different afterwards? Imagine the endpoint and you'll know where to begin.

T is Technology. A community. A wiki. A blog or a hundred blogs. Once you know your people, objectives, and strategy, then you can decide with confidence.

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