Wie macht man YouTube Videos Viral ?

80 Mil­lio­nen Vide­os wer­den jeden Tag auf You­Tube geguckt, zwi­schen 10- und 60.ooo wer­den jeden Tag neu hochgeladen.
Wie schaf­fen es eini­ge, über 100.000 Views zu erhal­ten ? Bes­ser gesagt : Wie macht die­se US Agen­tur das ? Eini­ges ist erin­ne­rungs­wür­dig, ande­res eher fragwürdig.

„# Make it short : 15 – 30 seconds is ide­al ; break down long sto­ries into bite-sized clips
# Design for remi­xing : crea­te a video that is simp­le enough to be remi­xed over and over again by others. Ex : „Dra­ma­tic Hamster”
# Don’t make an out­right ad : if a video feels like an ad, view­ers won’t share it unless it’s real­ly ama­zing. Ex : Sony Bravia
# Make it sho­cking : give a view­er no choice but to inves­ti­ga­te fur­ther. Ex : „UFO Haiti”
# Use fake head­lines : make the view­er say, „Holy shit, did that actual­ly hap­pen?!” Ex : „Sto­len Nascar”
# Appeal to sex : if all else fails, hire the most attrac­ti­ve women avail­ab­le to be in the video. Ex : „Yoga 4 Dudes””

» Via Tech­Crunch : The Secret Stra­te­gies Behind Many Viral Vide­osund hier das kom­plet­te Programm :

2) Con­ten is not King — sie­he Anwei­sun­gen oben
3) Core Stra­te­gy : Get­ting onto the „Most View­ed” page
 — die ers­ten 50.000 Views sind wich­tig, um auf die Sei­te zu kommen
 —  * Blogs : We reach out to indi­vi­du­als who run rele­vant blogs and actual­ly pay them to post our embed­ded vide­os. Sounds a litt­le bit like cheating/​PayPerPost, but it’s effec­ti­ve and it’s not against any rules.
* Forums : We start new threads and embed our vide­os. Some­ti­mes, this means kick­star­ting the con­ver­sa­ti­ons by set­ting up mul­ti­ple accounts on each forum and pos­ting back and forth bet­ween a few dif­fe­rent users. Yes, it’s tedious and time-con­suming, but if we get enough peop­le working on it, it can have a tre­men­dous effect.
* MyS­pace : Ple­nty of users allow you to embed You­Tube vide­os right in the comments sec­tion of their MyS­pace pages. We take advan­ta­ge of this.
* Face­book : Share, share, share. We’ve taken Dave McClure’s advice and built a size­ab­le pre­sence on Face­book, so sharing a video with our ent­i­re friends list can have a real impact. Other ide­as inclu­de crea­ting an event that announ­ces the video launch and invi­t­ing friends, wri­ting a note and tag­ging friends, or pos­ting the video on Face­book Video with a link back to the ori­gi­nal You­Tube video.
* Email lists : Send the video to an email list. Depen­ding on the size of the list (and the reci­pi­ents’ wil­ling­ness to recei­ve links to You­Tube vide­os), this can be a very effec­ti­ve strategy.
* Friends : Make sure ever­yo­ne we know wat­ches the video and try to get them to email it out to their friends, or at least share it on Facebook.
4) Tit­le Optimization
 — der Titel darf zuerst etwas irre­füh­rend sein, spä­ter mehr rele­vant und zur Mar­ke passend
 — neben­bei gibt es Trends, wie „Behind the sce­nes” etc.
5. Thumb­nail Optimization
 — a com­pel­ling video thumb­nail is the sin­gle best stra­te­gy to maxi­mi­ze the num­ber of clicks the video gets
 — das Thumb in der Mit­te des Vide­os muss span­nend sein
6. Com­men­ting : Having a con­ver­sa­ti­on with yourself
 — unend­li­ches Kom­men­tie­ren mit meh­re­ren eige­nen Accounts gleichzeitig
 — ungüns­ti­ge Kom­men­ta­re wer­den umge­hend gelöscht
7. Releasing all vide­os simultaneously
 — war­um Leu­te war­ten lassen ?
 — Once our first video is done, we dele­te our second video then re-upload it.
8. Stra­te­gic Tag­ging : Lea­ding view­ers down the rab­bit hole
 — we’ve dis­co­ve­r­ed that you can use tags to con­trol the vide­os that show up in the Rela­ted Vide­os box
 — Stra­te­gie, damit user nur die eige­nen Vide­os gucken
 — three or four uni­que tags and use only the­se tags for all of the vide­os we post — die Tags dür­fen also nicht von ande­ren benutzt werden
 — after a few days to a week, it’s time to add some more gene­ric tags, tags that draw out the long tail of a video
9. Metrics/​Tracking : How we mea­su­re effectiveness
For one, we tweak the links put up on You­Tube (whe­ther in a You­Tube chan­nel or in a video descrip­ti­on) by adding „?video=1” to the end of each URL. This makes it much easier to track inbound links using Goog­le Ana­ly­tics or ano­t­her metrics tool.
TubeMo­gul and Vid­Me­trix also track views/​comments/​ratings on each indi­vi­du­al video and draw out nice graphs that can be shared with the team. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the­se tools fol­low the viral spread of a video out­side of You­Tube and throughout other social media sites and blogs.

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