Wie macht man YouTube Videos Viral?

80 Millionen Videos werden jeden Tag auf YouTube geguckt, zwischen 10- und 60.ooo werden jeden Tag neu hochgeladen.
Wie schaffen es einige, über 100.000 Views zu erhalten? Besser gesagt: Wie macht diese US Agentur das? Einiges ist erinnerungswürdig, anderes eher fragwürdig.

„# Make it short: 15-30 seconds is ideal; break down long stories into bite-sized clips
# Design for remixing: create a video that is simple enough to be remixed over and over again by others. Ex: „Dramatic Hamster“
# Don’t make an outright ad: if a video feels like an ad, viewers won’t share it unless it’s really amazing. Ex: Sony Bravia
# Make it shocking: give a viewer no choice but to investigate further. Ex: „UFO Haiti“
# Use fake headlines: make the viewer say, „Holy shit, did that actually happen?!“ Ex: „Stolen Nascar“
# Appeal to sex: if all else fails, hire the most attractive women available to be in the video. Ex: „Yoga 4 Dudes““

>> Via TechCrunch: The Secret Strategies Behind Many Viral Videosund hier das komplette Programm:

2) Conten is not King – siehe Anweisungen oben
3) Core Strategy: Getting onto the „Most Viewed” page
– die ersten 50.000 Views sind wichtig, um auf die Seite zu kommen
* Blogs: We reach out to individuals who run relevant blogs and actually pay them to post our embedded videos. Sounds a little bit like cheating/PayPerPost, but it’s effective and it’s not against any rules.
* Forums: We start new threads and embed our videos. Sometimes, this means kickstarting the conversations by setting up multiple accounts on each forum and posting back and forth between a few different users. Yes, it’s tedious and time-consuming, but if we get enough people working on it, it can have a tremendous effect.
* MySpace: Plenty of users allow you to embed YouTube videos right in the comments section of their MySpace pages. We take advantage of this.
* Facebook: Share, share, share. We’ve taken Dave McClure’s advice and built a sizeable presence on Facebook, so sharing a video with our entire friends list can have a real impact. Other ideas include creating an event that announces the video launch and inviting friends, writing a note and tagging friends, or posting the video on Facebook Video with a link back to the original YouTube video.
* Email lists: Send the video to an email list. Depending on the size of the list (and the recipients’ willingness to receive links to YouTube videos), this can be a very effective strategy.
* Friends: Make sure everyone we know watches the video and try to get them to email it out to their friends, or at least share it on Facebook.
4) Title Optimization
– der Titel darf zuerst etwas irreführend sein, später mehr relevant und zur Marke passend
– nebenbei gibt es Trends, wie „Behind the scenes“ etc.
5. Thumbnail Optimization
– a compelling video thumbnail is the single best strategy to maximize the number of clicks the video gets
– das Thumb in der Mitte des Videos muss spannend sein
6. Commenting: Having a conversation with yourself
– unendliches Kommentieren mit mehreren eigenen Accounts gleichzeitig
– ungünstige Kommentare werden umgehend gelöscht
7. Releasing all videos simultaneously
– warum Leute warten lassen?
– Once our first video is done, we delete our second video then re-upload it.
8. Strategic Tagging: Leading viewers down the rabbit hole
– we’ve discovered that you can use tags to control the videos that show up in the Related Videos box
– Strategie, damit user nur die eigenen Videos gucken
– three or four unique tags and use only these tags for all of the videos we post – die Tags dürfen also nicht von anderen benutzt werden
– after a few days to a week, it’s time to add some more generic tags, tags that draw out the long tail of a video
9. Metrics/Tracking: How we measure effectiveness
For one, we tweak the links put up on YouTube (whether in a YouTube channel or in a video description) by adding „?video=1” to the end of each URL. This makes it much easier to track inbound links using Google Analytics or another metrics tool.
TubeMogul and VidMetrix also track views/comments/ratings on each individual video and draw out nice graphs that can be shared with the team. Additionally, these tools follow the viral spread of a video outside of YouTube and throughout other social media sites and blogs.

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