A Definition of Marketing

Marketing is the shared process to manage an offers PoC.
(Points of Communication).

As part of the discussion at Forrester I thought about the term Marketing for some days and would love to add this definition.

Replay to the discussion: It's not „art“ because art is without purpose. Marketing is management anyway because it forces everything that better sales (increased prices, volume, time-on-market).
I don't think it is an „act“ because this sounds static. I think „process“ is better to understand changes over time. Shared means to understand that marketing is collaborative and interactive (team, communities). This includes the activities of Prosumer as well!
PoC means every contact (including with the offer itself) is in the end communication. Offer stands for products, services, ideas. Btw, now it's ten words ;-)

Love to hear about your ideas!

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