A Definition of Marketing

Mar­ke­ting is the shared pro­cess to mana­ge an offers PoC.
(Points of Communication).

As part of the dis­cus­sion at For­res­ter I thought about the term Mar­ke­ting for some days and would love to add this definition.

Replay to the dis­cus­sion : It’s not „art” becau­se art is without pur­po­se. Mar­ke­ting is manage­ment any­way becau­se it for­ces ever­ything that bet­ter sales (incre­a­sed pri­ces, volu­me, time-on-mar­ket).
I don’t think it is an „act” becau­se this sounds sta­tic. I think „pro­cess” is bet­ter to under­stand chan­ges over time. Shared means to under­stand that mar­ke­ting is col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve and inter­ac­ti­ve (team, com­mu­nities). This inclu­des the acti­vi­ties of Pro­su­mer as well !
PoC means every con­ta­ct (inclu­ding with the offer its­elf) is in the end com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Offer stands for pro­ducts, ser­vices, ide­as. Btw, now it’s ten words ;-)

Love to hear about your ideas !

» Web stra­te­gy with Jere­miah : A Defi­ni­ti­on of Mar­ke­ting in Nine Words

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