Kommunikation in Communities

For­res­ter for­mu­liert anhand des Pro­duk­tes Pleo (ein Robo­ter- Dino) eini­ge Kern­punk­te für die Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­on mit Com­mu­nities, die ich hier ger­ne kurz zitie­re:

- Leverage soci­al tools — nut­ze die Mög­lich­kei­ten, Mar­ken­fans wol­len sich aus­drü­cken
Embrace the influ­en­cers — Online fin­den sich Beein­flus­ser für jeden Markt
Be trans­pa­rent in your com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons with custo­mers — sei offen und ehr­lich
Offer pro­duct owners some exclu­si­ve bene­fits — Ser­vicei­de­en rund um das Pro­dukt
Embrace User-Gene­ra­ted Con­tent — schon beim Start des Pro­duk­tes, dazu kön­nen auch vor­han­de­ne Platt­for­men genutzt wer­den

» Web Stra­te­gy Blog:Com­mu­ni­ty Examp­le of Excel­lence in Soci­al Mar­ke­ting
» Deut­sche Pleo- Com­mu­ni­ty
» Pleo: die Dino­sei­te
» Mein Arti­kel zur ers­ten Vor­stel­lung von Pleo: Tech­we­ar- Web­log

Kom­plett und in eng­lisch:- Leverage soci­al tools — forums and blogs (or in pleo’s case — Plogs!) to give enthu­si­asts a plat­form for expres­si­on. This crea­tes buzz and demand for your pro­duct.

- Embrace the influ­en­cers. Every mar­ket has its online influ­en­cers, embrace them, get in the dia­log with them — and most import­ant­ly — lis­ten to them.

- Be trans­pa­rent in your com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons with custo­mers. When Pleo’s release was delay­ed, Ugobe was trans­pa­rent and open in its com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with custo­mers through the com­mu­ni­ty and as a result they built trust and loyal­ty with ear­ly-adop­ter enthu­si­asts.

- Offer pro­duct owners some exclu­si­ve bene­fits — an exclu­si­ve “owners only” sec­tion of the com­mu­ni­ty will offer some uni­que bene­fits inclu­ding a soci­al net­work for Pleo owners, the abi­li­ty to down­load sounds and beha­vi­ors.

- Embrace User-Gene­ra­ted Con­tent — Even though the pro­duct is just hit­ting the mar­ket, Pleo enthu­si­asts have crea­ted vide­os, songs, car­toons, poems and even custom clot­hing in anti­ci­pa­ti­on of this robo­tic life form’s arri­val! This crea­te tre­me­dous exci­te­ment and fun around your pro­duct.

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