Strategie für Soziale Kampagnen

For­res­ter hat den “POST” Ansatz ent­wi­ckelt, um Maß­nah­men im sozia­len Web stra­te­gisch sinn­voll anzu­ge­hen. Das Schö­ne dar­an:

It’s time to stop doing soci­al becau­se it’s cool. It’s time to start doing it becau­se it’s effec­tive.”

Also eine Mög­lich­keit, nicht zu sagen: Wir wol­len ein Web­log! Son­dern: “Was wol­len wir errei­chen?” Wer fragt der führt…

» Via PR 2.0: wie eine Stra­te­gie für Soci­al Media ent­ste­hen soll­te
» For­res­ter: The POST Method: A sys­te­ma­tic approach to soci­al stra­te­gy

Das Gan­ze ist etwas sim­pel, aber wenn es funk­tio­niert— hier die vier The­sen im eng­li­schen Ori­gi­nal.P is Peop­le. Don’t start a soci­al stra­te­gy until you know the capa­bi­li­ties of your audi­ence. If you’re tar­ge­ting col­le­ge stu­dents, use soci­al net­works. If you’re reaching out busi­ness tra­velers, con­si­der ratings and reviews. For­res­ter has gre­at data to help with this, but you can make some esti­ma­tes on your own. Just don’t start wit­hout thin­king about it.

O is objec­tives. Pick one. Are you star­ting an app­li­ca­ti­on to lis­ten to your custo­mers, or to talk with them? To sup­port them, or to ener­gi­ze your best custo­mers to evan­ge­li­ze others? Or are you try­ing to col­la­bo­ra­te with them? Deci­de on your objec­tive befo­re you deci­de on a tech­no­lo­gy. Then figu­re out how you will mea­su­re it.

S is Stra­te­gy. Stra­te­gy here means figu­ring out what will be dif­fe­rent after you’re done. Do you want a clo­ser, two-way rela­ti­ons­hip with your best custo­mers? Do you want to get peop­le tal­king about your pro­duc­ts? Do you want a per­ma­nent focus group for tes­ting pro­duct ide­as and gene­ra­ting new ones? Ima­gi­ne you suc­ceed. How will things be dif­fe­rent after­wards? Ima­gi­ne the end­point and you’ll know whe­re to begin.

T is Tech­no­lo­gy. A com­mu­ni­ty. A wiki. A blog or a hund­red blogs. Once you know your peop­le, objec­tives, and stra­te­gy, then you can deci­de with con­fi­dence.

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